New website in the making (among other Team Alexander happenings) by craig08
July 24, 2010, 2:06 pm
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A lot has been happening in the World of Team Alexander since we did an update, so read on…

Firstly Craig has had some amazing races starting with a strong win at the Rev 3 race in Quassy over Terenzo Bozzone and Matt Reed. Even though I wasn’t there, I felt like I was. The online 3 camera coverage was great, and Lucy was cheering at the laptop (and Daddy) over waffles for Sunday breakfast.

6 days later with a partially emptied tank from Rev 3, Craig went on to have a close win over Ben Hoffman and Tim Berkel at Boise IM 70.3. It wasn’t quite the sprint finish of 2009 with Chris Lieto, but it wasn’t that far off.

After a few weeks back in Boulder it was off to Minneapolis for the Life Time Fitness Triathlon, part of the Race to the Toyota Cup Series. Being Sponsored by Toyota it was a great opportunity for Craig to meet up with a few of our USA Toyota contacts as well as a chance to hang out with them at the Toyota expo. Check out this RAV4 link to view exclusive training video footage of Craig.

Congrats to Matt Reed and Sarah Haskins who both went on to defend their 2009 LTF titles. Craig had a solid race and finished third. I think he really likes to mix up his long course racing with some short races throughout the season, and even though his training is mainly long course based, a little bit of shorter, harder stuff and it is amazing to watch his speed come back ! Frankly, I enjoy getting out on my schwanky new Orbea mountain bike with him, when he runs !!

I decided to shelve home schooling for a week and drag the kids out of Boulder. We all headed off as a family to Chicago, where Craig did some appearances at both All Season Runner in Janesville Wisconsin, and Runners High n Tri in Arlington Heights, Chicago. The charity nights were fun, and even I heard some new stories. I thought I had heard them all !! Bob Babbitt did a great job interviewing both Mirinda Carfrae and Craig. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Chrissie Wellington is going to be a guest there this coming Monday, so another great night is coming up I’m sure.

The Racine IM 70.3 on beautiful lake Michigan, was a great race to watch despite a HUGE thunderstorm and down pour, while most athletes were on the run. With Lucy itching on the side line, and Craig having a comfortable race lead, I made a wrong decision in letting Lucy run the finish chute with Craig. My apologies, as I now realize rules changes prohibit this.

Craig headed off for a few more days on the road to Atlanta with Mirinda Carfrae to visit Morgan Clark and the crew at, their mutual sponsor. A few more sponsorship/charity functions, a little training and it was time to head back to Boulder.

To keep the family love of sport going, Lucy ran in the kids race at the Boulder Westend 3 km last night. There must be something about thunderstorms as we all stood around as a HUGE thunderstorm and at least an inch of rain fell as the kids finished their 1500m run. Lucy’s front line muscling on the start line led on to her to winning the 5 year old division (boys and girls) !!!

We have a new website inn the making, so be sure to check back soon.

In the mean time train safe, stay safe and give your significant other some peace of mind and wear a Road ID.

Til next time,