Racing Muskoka IM 70.3 tomorrow
September 13, 2009, 2:41 pm
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Craig Alexander  is racing the Muskoka IM 70.3 tomorrow morning.

Check back again soon to see how his last race plays out before the Ironman World Championships


Retul bike fit
September 5, 2009, 2:09 pm
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Recent bike fitout at Retul:

August diary entry
August 30, 2009, 9:00 pm
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I went to Chicago for four days at the start of the month for a fundraiser for one of the biggest running stores in America,called Runners High ‘n’ Tri. There were about 400 people in an auditorium, they had the NBC sports anchor as the MC and they put on a really good night. I trained with some of the local triathletes over the next few days, which was all part of the fund raising program so it was good to be involved with something like that.

Other than that, I’m basically just finishing off a big block of training and that has been going well. I had initially scheduled to do a 70.3 race in Calgary, but I decided to skip it and get stuck into my training for Hawaii a week earlier than first intended. I’d had an early start to the season and I’ve just been through a patch of fairly extensive media and sponsorship commitments.

When making those sorts of decisions you have to maintain some flexibility. I’ve raced five 70.3 races this year and won four of them. Yes, I could keep trying to rack up the wins, but at this point of my career, I’m more interested on focusing on the big races. Hopefully, I’m a little smarter – the body is a year older and I’m just not sure I would have benefited greatly from doing another race. When you’re scheduling your season, you obviously look at the important times of year and when you need to be at your peak, but you have to be prepared to adjust as you go. You can always add extra races later on if you feel you need to.

My next race is in Muskoka, north of Toronto in Canada. It’s a hilly bike and a hilly run, so it’s a good test for me to see where I’m at. I’m looking forward to it because it’s good to test the effectiveness of your training with a challenging course.

I’ve been asked if it has been any different racing on the circuit this season given that I’m now the reigning World Ironman champion – you know, do athletes single you out tactically as the one to beat and pay you extra attention? It’s a bit like everyone wanting to knock off the footy team that won the premiership the previous year. Well, in footy, at least you’ve got your team-mates to support you. I must admit, there are times when I’ve felt a bit isolated. Most of the pressure, though, comes from within. I set myself high standards and I want to execute a great performance every time I race. You have to remember that triathlon, essentially, is a sport about yourself. All anyone can do is train the best you can, prepare yourself the best you can both physically and mentally – what others think and do is irrelevant. Sure, it’s impossible to win every race you enter, but you want to execute all the time. All the great athletes have shown remarkable consistency.

When you think of legends like Greg Welsh, Michellie Jones, Miles Stewart and Emma Snowsill, even when they didn’t win, they were or are invariably at the pointy end of the race. There are going to be people that want to bring you down – that’s competition and that’s human nature and I’m totally fine with that. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing marbles in the playground or racing for medals . . . no-one likes to see one person with all the marbles.

Podcast with Crowie
July 31, 2009, 2:10 pm
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Follow the link for the podcast with Craig Alexander and The Age Grouper.
Triathlon and Multisport Podcast

Kona build begins
July 29, 2009, 2:12 pm
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We had a great time with Mark, Theresa and all the crew from Runners High n Tri in Chicago. I was the guest at a charity fund raiser evening, raising money for the Finnerty children. I did a couple of organised sessions with the local athletes as well as a day of sight seeing in Chicago with my family.

I’m back in Boulder now, and my training is in full swing as my Kona preparation begins.

My next scheduled race will be the IM 70.3 Muskoka on Sept 13, where I am the defending champ. If training progresses really well, I may sneak in another race earlier. I was scheduled to race Calgary IM 70.3 this weekend, but with my heavy schedule of media and sponsorship commitments over the past 2 months, I decided to skip Calgary and focus on my training. I am disappointed not to be racing there, as my good friends Lisa Bentley and Dave are putting the race on.

On the sponsorship front, I have headed into a few new partnerships heading into Kona.

T3 Recovery Mattress Company are providing me with new mattresses that aid in muscle relaxation and repair as well as being super comfortable. It also feels cool to sleep in, which is great in the summer heat of Boulder !

H20 Audio are providing me with water proof earphones and mp3 or Ipod holders. The sound quality is exceptional and any one who has ever ruined an ipod by running in the rain or sweating into the earpieces will know what a valuable asset to training these products will make.

This year our accomodation in Kona will be the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa. This should make focusing on the race easy with their gorgeous location and excellent facilities. My family is really excited about this as there is plenty for them to see and do at this family friendly spa and resort, not to mention it’s beautiful ocean front position.

Luke at Velo Express will be transporting my bike to most of the mainland US races that I will be competing in. When you see how his truck is outfitted you will see he is providing a limousine service for bicycles. It makes great sense to transport your bike this way, especially in light of the sky rocketing airline bicycle baggage fees as well as the lack of care and responsibility they take with your ride.

Take care,
Safe Training,

Vineman IM 70.3, Runner’s High ‘n Tri and a few days off
July 16, 2009, 2:14 pm
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The racing season continues. Tomorrow I head up to the Santa Rosa Valley for the Vineman IM 70.3 race. I have raced there several times before. I look forward to a few days up in the Napa Valley with my home stay Tom and Linda.

Last weekend I raced the Life Time Fitness Triathlon placing 5th. It was a good hit out.Unfortunately I just missed the front group onto the bike. Those guys have a lot of top end speed with their short course racing, and this was my first Olympic Distance race since LTF last year !!

After Vineman in California I am heading to Chicago to do a talk at Runner’s High ‘n Tri, a large running store in Chicago. I am looking forward to a few down days with my family, as well as a visit to the Chocolate factory there !!!
My Kona training block starts soon after my return to Boulder, so the countdown to Kona will be on !!!
Train safe,